GAME THREAD | Wk 9: Raiders (5-2) vs. Giants (2-6)

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jdub19: @blu4everli Are you being serious in your contention that the Giants should have drafted Becton over Thomas or are you just trolling? Asking for a friend... Mar 25, 2024 0:39:26 GMT -5
sufferinggmenfan: your telling me, we sucked last year and now we will suck even more. 2 crappy oline men added is all we have to show for letting the best safety and a top RB walk. Saquon will rush for 1500 yard behind a real line. Sickening how bad year after year we are. Mar 11, 2024 18:24:05 GMT -5
ordinaryG: ELO, Showdown… love it Dec 31, 2023 13:15:59 GMT -5
Carson53: Should have stayed up to watch the second half of Colorado - Stanford last night Oct 14, 2023 13:34:39 GMT -5
wahl35: Eric posted this on BBI earlier .... Aug 24, 2023 15:59:14 GMT -5
ctyankeeinlittlerock: Excellent summary here.... Dec 12, 2022 14:53:35 GMT -5
56801steve: the WR Wilson looks like a total stud and A.Lucas is better than Neal.

The Giants could have walked away with both of them, Wilson in round 1 (instead of Neal) and Lucas in round 3.

That would have been awesome drafting but Schoen blew it.
Dec 11, 2022 16:27:09 GMT -5
ncgiantsfan: Jones is way better than Taylor and any notion that the latter will be the started next year is flawed at best. Dec 9, 2022 7:07:20 GMT -5
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